Tea is a healing drink and for centuries has been served to treat many ailments. The Chinese have been drinking tea for years to aid digestion and improve mental and physical performance.

The key health property in tea is its rich source of antioxidants, known as polyphenols. Antioxidants help fight free radical damage and inflammation.

The Japanese and Chinese have known for centuries why tea is so good for us and research supports this. Tea helps;

Reduce cholesterol levels

Reduce risk of heart disease

Lower risk of cancer

Prevent diabetes

Improve mental focus

Increase immunity and help fight infection

Ease arthritis

Aid in weight loss

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Health Benefits of Tea

KTea has a delicious range of hand blended, organic and fair trade loose leaf teas. KTea is blended using quality, organic ingredients such as echinacea, rose, chamomile, vanilla and lemongrass and tea which is grown in Fairtrade and organic

certified tea plantations in Sri Lanka. KTea is based in Wellington and delivers all over New Zealand to tea lovers; also supplying cafes, restaurants, specialty stores, hotels and more. To place your order email today!